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discover one of Skipton’s best kept secrets!

Pollination, new perceptions, pure joy and a life of appreciation!

I'm Harry, head beekeeper at BespokeBees. I've been keeping bees for the past 8 years, currently operating 35 hives and as all beekeepers will confirm, still learning from each inspection!

 At bespoke, we offer a full hive and colony management service - from installation, bi-weekly inspections, colony management to honey extraction and over wintering - so you can enjoy the art of beekeeping without any heavy lifting! or if you'd prefer, grab a suit and come and learn! 

You'll only need 1m² for the hive, bees will fly up to 3 miles for pollen and nectar, so they'll do the rest.

 All colonies sold are very placid and bred with advantageous genetic strains e.g calmness, non aggressive. All have new queens and are raised in a family apiary with lots of noise and movement from a very loud dog!

 In the current climate of pesticide usage and mono culture within arable farming, there are very little wild colonies of bees left, but they're still very necessary - one in every three bites of food is created from the bees and many plants and trees are fully dependent on their services - £153 million worth in economic terms!

Keeping bees on the property is one of the most environmentally and ecologically advantageous decisions you could make. 

Obviously with your own hive, there's also the potential for upwards of 20 - 30 jars of honey a year! Including the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are not found in the highly filtered and processed supermarket stocks. 

You can cover all the costs from installation to extraction by renting the hive for £80 a month rolling fee, or if you'd like to own the hive there is also the option below to buy as a one off fee on top of management:

 £650, which includes the following:

Fully established Yorkshire Black Bee colony, WBC hive (1 Inner Brood box, 2 Inner Supers, Full Frames, Queen Ex, Crown Board, Lifts, gabled roof)

If you're interested in having a colony or more on the property, it'd be great to talk it through at greater depth and scope the location for the hives.

I've attached photos of the classic and bespoke WBC hives that are included in the price. They can be customised and painted to any standard of imagination!

All are cedar and treated with wood preserve.