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How and why the High Corn Mill supports Parkinson's Uk

100% of all profit from the site will be donated to Parkinson's UK.

Our Inspiriration

George and Vera Mear were wonderful parents and grandparents. He served in WWII based in Egypt. After the unsettiling nature the war he set up his own blanket business providing well for his family. Grandad was a keen sportsman excelling in in cricket and later on enjoyed his golf. Vera was a wonderful house wife, an amazing cook with a magic touch. She also was a keen golfer and often beat Grandad.

Having retired aged 60 it soon became evident he was suffering with Parkinsons and looking back he probably knew something was wrong prior to his retirement. This horrible disease not only had a devastating effect on Grandad but put an incredible strain on Grandma and the family too, resulting what I think was her early death aged 71. Grandad struggled on for a few more years after moving in my auntie and died aged 76.Fortunately my father now aged 75 has not inherited this tremendously heart breaking, awful disease. I feel it is not only a cause worth fighting for but my way of paying respect to my late grandfather who faced far greater battles in his lifetime than I do.

It is now time for us to fight together to help find a cure for disease, so families of the future can live without the pain and suffering this debilitating horrendous condition causes.

If you'd like to find ut more about Parkinson's disease follow the links below:

In Loving memory of  


George  Mear  - 3/3/17-8/12/93


Vera Mear - 30/5/20-16/11/91